Shang Hai Mooncake


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Duration: 3 hours
Level: Beginner Friendly
Fully Hands On Class

Class Content 课程内容:

Hands on learning how to make shanghai mooncake skin

Learn how to wrap filling with salted egg yolk

We will make 3 different flavor in class (ready made filling)
课堂上会⽤三种不同⼝味的馅料 ,使⽤现成馅料
– Baba Nyonya
– Pandan Lotus
– Pumpkin Lotus

All student can bring a 6 pieces of shanghai mooncake

Beginner friendly 适合初学者
Learn from zero experience 从0开始学习
Guide step by step ⼀步步教导

Invite your friend or family and bake together!

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1 person RM250 per pax
2 person RM230 per pax
3 person RM220 per pax
4 person RM210 per pax
5 person RM200 per pax
6 person RM190 per pax

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