SET B (Surprise Gift Box)


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Comes with 8 different type of yummy cookies

  1. Snowy Crisp 雪花酥 x 2 pack
  2. Seasalt Chocolate Cookies 海盐巧克力曲奇 x 1 pack
  3. Taiwanese Pineapple Tart 台湾凤梨酥 x 2 pack
  4. Earl Grey Chocolate Chip Cookies 伯爵茶巧克力豆曲奇 x 1 bottle
  5.  Cranberry Cereal Cookies 蔓越莓燕麦曲奇 x 1 bottle
  6.  Passionfruit Lemon Kamquat Fruit Tea 百香果柠檬青柠茶  x 2 pack
  7.  Fragrant Peanut Cookies 手工花生曲奇  x 2 pack
  8. Fortune Meringue Cookies 幸运玛琳唐曲奇 x 2 pack


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