Realistic Bean Cream Flower Cake


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Time 时间: 10AM – 6PM or until finish
Instructor 导师: Mei Kuan (Korea Flower Cake Association)

Class Content 课程内容:

Cake recipe will be provided but will not have any demonstration in class
会提供蛋糕⻝谱, 但不会在课堂上⽰范

Use pre-made bean paste for flower piping and learn how to make bean cream mixture for realistic flower
(Provide source of where to get and how to choose bean paste)
使⽤现成⾖蓉裱花 (会提供学⽣买⾖蓉和选择⾖蓉的资料)

Special bean cream colour toning technique, colour mixing and colour matching skill

Learn flower piping skill

Learn how to apply colour on wafer paper to make realistic leaves

Flower arrangement skill

Flower Type 花卉类型 :

Realistic peony 拟真牡丹
Peony bud 牡丹花苞
Cosmos ⾮洲菊
Ping Pong Chrysanthemum 兵乓菊
Berries 莓果
Wafer paper leaves 威化3D叶⼦

Student Get to Bring Back Home 学⽣各⾃可领回 :
1 six inch cake, Note and Recipe, 3 type of nozzle, 1 flower stand, scissors and nail

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