Fondant Flower & Knife Palette Painting


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Time : 12pm – 5pm or until finish
Level : Beginner Friendly
Fully Hands On Cake Decorating Class
Skill to focus: Modeling, decorating, painting

Cake will be ready made, no demonstration in class but cake recipe will be provided.

Learn how to frosting.

Learn how to make a fondant daisy flower

Learn the skills of painting

Color mixing and matching.

Learn how to mix the color of fondant. (Color and combine colored fondant with food coloring)
学习裱花的技巧 (实体练地习在蛋糕上⾯)

Learn on the basic modelling shapes for cake decorations. (Starts with the basic to develop modelling skills from here)
学习蛋糕装饰的基本造型形状 (从基础开始发展)

All student are allow to bring home a 5“inch tall cake after the class sessions end.
课后, 每⼀位学⽣可以带⼀粒 5 ⼨⾼蛋糕回家

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