Fly Bear to the Moon


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Time : 10am – 5pm or until finish
Level : Beginner Friendly
Fully Hands On Cake Decorating Class
Flavour: Vanilla Sponge Cake
Skill to focus: Decorating, frosting, make fondant figurines

Cake will be ready made, no demonstration in class but cake recipe will be provided.

We will bake in advance for class.

Demonstration on buttercream making

Color mixing and matching

Learn how to frosting

Learn the skills of making fondant figurines and fondant decorations. (Practice on top of the cake)
学习如果制作翻糖造型和摆件 (实体练地习在蛋糕上⾯)

Learn how to decorate on a cake

All student are allow to bring home a 5” inch tall cake after the class sessions end.
课后, 每⼀位学⽣可以带⼀粒 5 ⼨⾼蛋糕回家

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