Vintage Cake


Level : Beginner friendly

(fully hands on cake decorating class)

Time : 10am-4pm or until finish

Fees: RM480

Flavour: vanilla strawberry butter Cake

Skill to focus: frosting, piping, decorating

-    Demonstration on how to bake butter cake

      (we will bake in advance for class & provide video too !)

-    Demonstration on buttercream making

-    Learn how to crumb coat & frost a cake (hands on)
     学习如何抹面和掌控抹面技巧蛋糕 (调深色技巧,消泡技巧) 

-    Learn the correct way of piping (how to hold piping bag , strength &  angle )
      学习如何用正确的知识/角度/力度掌握裱出好看的纹路 (会先练习在实体做在蛋糕上)

-    Colour Mixing and matching

-    All student may bring home a 5 inch vintage cake