Korea Design Cake Art Association




          4 Days Chocolate Cream

Palette Knife Flower Sculpture

Instructor Course




Course Fees : RM4380 (course only)

Certificate     : 130USD (for association)

Time             : 10am-6pm or until finish

Location       : Reflection Residences, Mutiara Damansara

Lunch           : Included


Class Content :

  • It’s a palette knife sculpture decorating course so no baking demonstration in class but butter cake recipe and  step will be provided, we will use real cake on the first day and dummy cake start from second day, you can keep your work at room temperate after bring home.

 这是注重于刮刀花技巧的课程,所以不会有任何蛋糕制作示范, 可是提供食谱与制作步骤,第一天将会使用真蛋糕,第二天开始将会使用假体蛋糕,拿回家后可放置在室温保存

  • Learn how to make chocolate cream for sculpture


  • Learn how to coat your cake with chocolate cream


  • Starting from 0 experience 零基础开始学习

  • Practising on knife flower technique before apply on your real cake or dummy (single knife & double knife technique)


  • 2D to 3D 平面到立体

  • Tidy & clean petals 整洁和干净的花瓣

  • Sculpture on top of cake & side of the cake 刮在蛋糕表面上和侧边

  • Single knife and double knife 单刀与双刀

  • Smooth or textured clean petals 滑面与粗面纹路花瓣

  • Connection of leaf, receptable and stem 如何连接叶子,花托与花茎

  • Colour matching 颜色配搭

Day 1

( 2D Rose Flower & Flower Bud, 2 type of Leaves)

**Real Cake ( Earl Grey Butter Cake)







Day 2

( 3D Lotus Flower & Flower Bud , Lotus Leaves)  Dummy Cake



Day 3

( Peonies and Peony Bud , Wafer Paper Leaves ) Dummy Cake


Day 4

(Chrysanthemum Flower , Chrysanthemum Bud ) Dummy Cake